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General Manager's Message
Dear business partners,
We are constantly evolving by undersigning important projects since 2004, when we started to become the pioneers of telecommunication industry. We all have monitored the improvement in our service quality year by year thanks to our partnership with ND Satcom, one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the satellite communication industry.
We have taken important steps towards achieving our financial and strategic targets in a short period of time by improving our infrastructure, technical equipment and human resources combined with our investments that will take us to the point we desire to be. With the responsibility of being an important player in telecommunications, we are closely monitoring global changes and innovations, adapting them to Turkey, making new investments and contributing to development.
The vast knowledge, quality and experienced workforce and superior technologic infrastructure we own combined with the power of being the only global telecommunications operator of Turkey make us create difference and added value. We are conducting many operations and international projects with big investments locally and globally. Our purpose as Bosphocom is to increase the effectiveness of our business partners with the products and services we offer. For this, we are operating at a quality-oriented approach rather than a price-oriented one.
We will continue to provide technologic solutions required for success in constantly changing and developing, dynamic world and create added value to our customers as their reliable business partner.
Yours Sincerely,
Kerem Resuloğlu
General Manager