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CLOSED CIRCUIT ENTERPRISE NETWORKS: Bosphocom meets all kinds of telephone, fax, data (WAN / LAN) and Internet access needs of enterprises with their different locations by offering fully customized solutions by using a capacity allocation and satellite technologies. Whether fully meshed or partial meshed or star topology, all the network solutions offered are guaranteed for 99.5% minimum service continuity with minimum investment cost regardless of the geographical location.

Agip, Petro Canada, INA Oil, Kolin İnşaat,

DVB – RCS BASED SERVICES: Bosphocom provides its enterprise and individual customers with Internet and package data services over satellite via DVB – RCS HUB I located in Istanbul and HUBS of its cooperation partners located in Madrid, Oslo, Florida and California Keeping Turkey, Middle East and European countries in service coverage with different service quality packages at different rates, Bosphocom also offers global coverage by integrating with HUB centers of its cooperation partners. In addition to land-based locations, Bosphocom also offers the said services to all kinds of sea vessels by means of mobile Radom antennas.
Having installed and commissioned the largest DVB – RCS VSAT satellite communication system of Turkey that has ever been built on behalf of Türksat A.Ş. for Turkish National Education Ministry with the purpose of providing basic Internet services to some 5000 rural schools, Bosphocom successfully implemented the HUB center as well as remote systems installations and commissioning and undertook field operation of the system for one year.Also in the meantime, Bosphocom operated a total of 850 VSAT systems commissioned at Turkish Justice Ministry, Turkish Maritime Undersecretary and other various public institutions.During this period, Bosphocom undertook the entire operation and service continuity responsibility of around 6000 VSAT terminals and provided service to 60% of around 10,000 terminals installed and used inTurkish by private and public sector institutions as stated in Comsys Report 11th edition 
In addition to acting as a service provider, Bosphocom offers customized turnkey satellite communication solutions to all kinds of institutions and enterprises by establishing, commissioning and deploying optimum infrastructures for the following services.
Satellite-based communication systems that meet the needs of air controllers and air traffic control operations for transferring voice, radar and other data to ATC (air traffic control) points in a reliable, continuous and fast manner are the optimum solutions that can be used in points where there is no terrestrial infrastructure or for redundancy purposes. Having been offering the optimum solutions for this type of applications, Bosphocom stands out particularly with its MF – TDMA based systems that support fully meshed topology.Satellite communication infrastructure that is used by LCAA (Libyan Civil Aviation Authority)for transferring radar, radio and data communications between all air traffic control paints has been entirely supplied, established and commissioned by Bosphocom.
Satellite-based solutions offer the most advantageous solutions when compared to similar infrastructures in providing bandwidth utilization, homogenous topology and the highest service quality for remote education operations.In 2008, Bosphocom has supplied, installed and commissioned the fifth largest satellite communication infrastructure of the world and the largest in Turkey on behalf of Turksat A.Ş. for Turkish National Education Ministry and operated the infrastructure until the end of 2009 semester.The system is installed in a total of 5000 schools nationwide and has been the largest satellite-based communication project that has ever implemented in Turkey


Fast, accurate and high quality live broadcasting is the most important aspect that makes the difference in today's TV broadcasting. Bosphocom is the solution partner of TV broadcasters by providing them with the state-of-the-art live broadcast vehicles and optional services.

WDR (West Deutsche Rundfunk) is the largest TV broadcaster of Germany and the entire live broadcast satellite transmission capacity of this institution has been supplied by Bosphocom since 2006. Furthermore, technical checks of all live broadcasts and technical parameter adjustments of all live broadcast vehicles of WDR are being implemented by Bosphocom personnel on a 24/7 basis via remote access at Bosphocom NOC (Network Operation Center) based in Istanbul.

All kinds of fixed land stations for TV and radio broadcasting or Military and civil utilization are offered to the customers' service through the state-of-the-art solutions of Bosphocom designed to meet the highest quality standards. C, Ku, Ka ve X band, analog, DVB, digital and all kinds of uplink and downlink land stations are being supplied, installed and commissioned, and also operated upon request, by Bosphocom for TV and radio broadcasting or teleport applications or DTH (direct to home) applications.